Minibeasts Tally

Minibeast themed tally chart. Your children will love to use this as part of an out and about hunt activity (for example searching for minibeasts in your outdoor area) or in conjunction with a 'Minibeasts' themed tuff spot or feely bag. Use as a Tally Chart or Check List. Differentiate expectations for individual children within your care. Some children may simply use it as a visual cue whilst others may begin to make marks resembling tally lines or even numbers. Alternatively ask your children ‘Which is your favourite minibeast?’ and collect the results as a group. Which minibeast has the most votes? Perhaps use in conjunction with our ‘Minibeast Pictogram Chart Activity’.  (Original artwork drawn by Sara Murphy and final digital resources created by Stuart Murphy.)

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Minibeast Tally Chart/Check List

Minibeast Tally Chart/Check List

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