Butterfly Finger painting

These versatile butterfly number sheets could be used in a number of ways. Challenge your children to finger paint the right number of marks on each butterfly/wing. Alternatively, use as a playdough mat where the children might like to make the corresponding number of shapes to place on the wings, mould the number at the top or even the entire butterfly. The sheets could also be used in a similar way using loose parts or even collage materials whereby children may like to cut and stick various shapes that they create themselves. You may even like to provide children with basic shapes to place or stick onto the wings so that the children not only learn about numbers and 1:1 correspondence counting but also specific shapes you feel they are ready to begin recognising and describing. Equally, the sheets could simply be offered to children with colouring tools such as pencils, crayons or pens. (Original artwork drawn by Sara Murphy and final digital resources created by Stuart Murphy.)

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Butterfly Number Sheets

Butterfly Number Sheets

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