Summer CVC Word Builder

Enjoy teaching your children the basics of blending sounds to create words when you play this fun ‘Summer’ themed ‘Ice Lolly CVC word builder' game together! Easy to play and instructions included on the front page. Will you end up making a 'real' or 'nonsense' word when you put your ice lollies together? Why not use this game in conjunction with 'Phase 2 Letters and Sounds Flashcards', 'Sound Mat' or the 'Cut and Match Activity'?  Various themed Phase 2 word cards also available in the Literacy section. (Original artwork drawn by Sara Murphy and final digital resources created by Stuart Murphy.)

Please note that all Phase 2 sounds are included and so it is at your own discretion as to the selection of sounds you use in order to allow/prevent particular undesirable letter combinations!

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Summer/Ice Lolly CVC Word Builder Game/Activity

Summer/Ice Lolly CVC Word Builder Game/Activity

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