Minibeasts Pictogram

Minibeasts Pictogram Chart pictures designed for children to not only think about their favourite minibeast, but also realise that others may not have the same favourite. In addition, children begin to learn about simple graphs and charts. Ideal for use in a classroom, preschool, nursery or childminder setting. Children do not have to necessarily complete the activity at the same time, but a chart can be added to a display and individual children can add their own favourites at appropriate times. Simply place the four large minibeasts on the first page in a horizontal line to form the base of the chart and children can add their own favourite smaller minibeast above to create the vertical lines of a chart. The lengths of the lines can be compared and number of minibeasts on each can be counted to find totals. Questions such as ‘How many children like the bee?’ may be asked. To really extend mathematical thinking, questions such as ‘How many more children like the bee than the butterfly?’ could be delved into. (Original artwork drawn by Sara Murphy and final digital resources created by Stuart Murphy.)

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Minibeasts Pictogram Chart

Minibeasts Pictogram Chart

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