We thought it might be helpful to compile dual language resources in as many languages as possible…we would LOVE to create resources in every language, but there are only 2 of us. 😊 The reasons we hope these resources may be useful to people are as follows:

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  1. As childcare professionals, gaining a deeper insight into a child’s knowledge of any languages other than English that they speak at home with their family is invaluable. There have been so many occasions throughout the years where a child has perhaps approached one of our displays, pointed at an object and said a word/sound we did not know. Is this utterance exploring sounds or is this an actual word they are using concisely and succinctly? We hope that these resources might equip us all with at least a small insight into a child’s speech and language development in any other languages they speak in conjunction with English.

  2. Enriching children’s development through the introduction to the concept of different languages. It is not necessarily our intention that young children are actively ‘taught’ another language in any formal manner, rather that children may occasionally hear words and phrases in different languages and enjoy hearing the variety this world has to offer. (We’ve always loved singing songs in various languages in our setting.) Wherever possible we will find the script in each particular language so that this may also add to the richness of environmental text children are exposed to.

    ….Plus, we love languages and so have had great fun compiling these resources and are excited about the growth of this section! 😊

(Please note that whilst we love languages, we in no way proclaim to be experts and have merely done our best to translate languages so that they are phonetically decipherable to an English Language speaker. As we all know, every language also has it’s regional differences in accent and dialect, so please bear this in mind when using our resources. We hope they help! 😊)

0-10 Counting (Arabic) Cover.png

0-10 Counting Arabic/English

Arabic/English Dual Language Numbers and Counting Posters/Display/Flashcards

Face and Body Parts (Arabic) Cover.png

Face & Body Parts Arabic/English

Arabic/English Dual Language Face & Body Part Posters/Display

Animal Cards (Arabic) Cover.png

Animals Arabic/English

Arabic/English Dual Language Animal Cards/Posters/Display

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