Printing resources

Some people have asked how the resources can be printed '2 to a page' or '4 to a page'. Below is a quick outline of how to do this if your system does not automatically give you that option.

Firstly the best or most widely used program for dealing with PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a free program that you may very well already have on your computer. If not, you can click the first picture or its text to get the program.

With Adobe Acrobat Reader installed you may be given an automatic option to open our resources with it when you download. If this doesn't happen follow these steps...

When downloading right-click on your mouse instead of left-clicking. A menu pops up from which you should select 'Save link as'.


You will then be given the option of selecting where on your computer you want to save the resource. On the image I have created a new folder called 'Resource' and then I clicked save.


Find the folder the new file is in and double-click the file. It will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the Print icon top left.


In the Pop Up Print box you have the option to click 'Multiple'. Then, you can select how many pages of the document you want to print per sheet. In the image I have selected 4 but you could have 8, 16 or even more if you wish. Then just hit print!




I hope this walk-through is helpful to you and not too condescending! Many Thanks for visiting our site!