Signs of Spring

‘Signs of Spring’ cards. Ideal for use as part of a Spring display to visually highlight the changes that happen following Winter. Cards can also be used as a great stimulus for communication and language. When used as part of a display or offered as part of an invitation to play children may initiate communication to you or other children about the cards in a child led fashion. Alternatively, adult led interaction could include closed or open ended questioning. Younger children may point to familiar objects when prompted e.g. ‘Where’s the tree?’ and learn new words as you describe to them what is in the picture. As children progress, more ground may be covered such as ‘What colours can you see?’, ‘How many ducklings are there in this picture?’, ‘Which is your favourite card?’, ‘Why do you like this picture the best?’, ‘What do you think this tree would look like in the Winter?’, ‘Have you seen any of these signs of Spring?’, ‘Where?’, ‘When?’, ‘Who were you with?’, ‘Shall we go outside and see which of them we can find?’ (Original artwork drawn by Sara Murphy and final digital resources created by Stuart Murphy.)

Signs of Spring Posters/Display/Cards/Prompts

Signs of Spring Posters/Display/Cards/Prompts

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