Autumn What Can You See?

Display this poster in your setting to encourage children to look closely and pay attention to details. Whilst children will benefit from looking at this poster independently, you may choose to ask them open and closed questions about what they can see, how many, the colours, if they were there, what they might be able to hear, feel, smell, etc. Adaptable for all ages, including those very young to begin to categorise and label the world around them developing understanding before speech. In addition as challenges, older children may like to create their own maths problems, write their own word cards for the picture or even make up their own stories based on it (oral, drawings or written). Look out for more 'What can you see?' pictures. (Original artwork drawn by Sara Murphy and final digital resources created by Stuart Murphy.)

Autumn ‘What Can You See?’ Poster

Autumn ‘What Can You See?’ Poster


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