Autumn Activity Challenge

Have great fun with your children whilst all acting out Autumn sights with this set of 8 Autumn Activity Challenge cards. Perhaps children could stand in a circle around the pile of cards and take turns to pick one for everyone to do. Cards could equally be shrunk down and placed on a key ring to take out on adventures or featured on an indoor or outdoor display board and referred to with everyone carrying out the activity on floor space in front. Once the children get to know the cards they will be able to relate the action to the picture without necessarily needing the card read to them...For example an adult may be able to simply hold up a card and everyone will be able to do the activity together! For those children who are exceptionally engaged, these cards explored in sequence could even be set to music as a dance performance! Great for physical development, descriptive language, understanding the world and turn taking. (Original artwork drawn by Sara Murphy and final digital resources created by Stuart Murphy.)

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Autumn Activity/Movement Challenge Cards/Prompts

Autumn Activity/Movement Challenge Cards/Prompts

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