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We are a family business run by husband and wife team. With over 25 years teaching/childcare experience between us, our specialism is Early Years. We both began our careers as Primary School teachers. When we started our own family, we decided that we wanted to put our teaching skills to use within the home environment, thus enabling us to play a bigger part in the care and development of our own two daughters. We now run an OFSTED graded ‘Outstanding’ childcare setting together.

We love creating imaginative and exciting resources for our children to engage with, so we have decided to create a platform in order to share them all with you…for FREE! 😊

The site solely caters for the Early Years age group (0 up to and including Reception), so no wading through countless inappropriate resources. With Little Owls Resources, you can search quickly and efficiently for what you and your children need.

www.littleowlsresources.com is still in its early developmental stages and original resources (created from scratch by us) are being added daily.

Please help us to achieve our goal of a completely FREE site for Early Years Professionals jam packed with resources for every purpose imaginable. Sign up to our mailing list (below), become a Little Owls Supporter, share our posts and pages on social media and simply spread the word! Can't find what you need? Send us a message and we'll see what we can do!

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